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Спортивные товары оптом: тренажеры оптом, массажеры оптом,
детские спортивные комплексы оптом. (Статьи)

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Оптовые закупки:
(495) 108-73-20

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Company Kampfer

Создано с помощью инструментов Яндекс.Карт

Tel: +7 (495) 641-81-85
e-mail: kampfer-ru [dog]

Before coming necessarily call us: Reserve your product and specify time of arrival.

From the center: at the Ryazan prospectus after Karacharovsky overpass at the first traffic light go right, move on Vyazovsky travel, to the gate with the inscription "Mostranssklad. To the right of you will have a high 5-storey building beige-pink,

Park your vehicles nearby, without going into the territory. Rise to the 4 floor. pass to the right in the office 408.
After registration and payment, you will be able to get to the store and pick up your purchase.

Departure from the territory of the warehouse fee: 60 rubles.


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